Tissue-scaffold-like Electronics

Develop new kinds of flexible electronics with similar structure and properties as those of natural extracellular scaffolds, blurring the dichotomy of these two systems, and allowing for artificial electronics sneaking in living tissues.

Multimodal Biosensors

Explore new modes of communication between biosensors and living processes in bioelectrical, biomechanical, biochemical manners, allowing man-made biosensors interrogating and regulating lives in their natural languages.

Cyborg Tissues
(Electronics-Tissue Integration)

Establish seamless integration between electronics and biological tissues, which will potentially lead to new paradigms of artificial/augmented tissues or organ(oid)s as well as hybrid intelligence.

Brain-machine Interfaces (BMI)

Establish seamless integration between implantable electronics and brains in living animals, creating the “Cyborg Brain”, such that chronically stable, high-throughput, multi-level selective brain analysis in vivo will ultimately become possible.

Brain Decoding

Integrate high-throughput, chronically stable brain-machine interfaces and other trans-scale multimodal neurotechnologies to unveil the mysterious neural activities in developing, aging, learning, restoring brains.

Brain Diseases Theranostics

Collaborate with neurology, neurosurgery, physiatry departments from medical centers, to explore brain-machine interface-based diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms for various neurological diseases.