New directions in science are launched by new tools much more often than by new concepts.”

— Freeman Dyson

Our group is interested in establishing seamless structural integration and functional signal coupling between bioelectronics and living tissues/animals, where challenges arise from their intrinsic distinction in physical, chemical, mechanical dimensions. To bridge the aforementioned gaps, development of cutting-edge bioelectronic toolsets (1) with tissue-scaffold-mimicking topology and rigidity, (2) capable of modulating or interrogating biological entities and variations in a spatiotemporally multiplexed, chronically stable, biologically specific and synergistic multimodal manner, is of utmost importance. Such bioelectronics will eventually lead to engineered cyborg systems as unprecedented platforms for drug screening or physiochemical investigation as well as implantable biostealthy circuits used for interpreting/altering how brain functions.

We conduct highly interdisciplinary research of materials sciences, chemistry, electronics, biology and medicine. We welcome self-motivated and ambitious students/researchers to join us!