Graduate Students

Xiaochuan Dai, assistant professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tsinghua University, is currently accepting graduate students for his research team.

Professor Dai’s research group is dedicated to establishing a seamless structural integration and functional signal coupling between bioelectronics and living tissues/animals. This endeavor faces challenges due to the intrinsic distinctions in physical, chemical, and mechanical dimensions between these entities. To bridge these gaps, the group is committed to developing cutting-edge bioelectronic toolsets. These toolsets, designed to mimic the topology and rigidity of tissue scaffolds, are capable of modulating or interrogating biological entities and variations in a spatiotemporally multiplexed, chronically stable, biologically specific, and synergistic multimodal manner. This work is of utmost importance, as it will eventually lead to the creation of engineered cyborg systems. These systems will serve as unprecedented platforms for drug screening or physiochemical investigation, as well as implantable biostealthy circuits used for interpreting and altering brain functions.

As a student under Professor Dai, you will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research projects, collaborate with a team of talented researchers, gain hands-on research experience, and publish in top-tier conferences and journals. At the same time, the research group maintains cooperative relationships with multiple research groups both domestically and internationally, fully supports graduate students to participate in various collaborative projects, and establishes close contacts with peer scholars from multiple countries around the world.

Professor Dai prioritizes student guidance and ensures regular group meetings and ample one-on-one interactions. The group provides additional research incentives beyond graduate student stipends and fully supports students in applying for various scholarships and awards. Symbionics, a brain-computer interface startup where Professor Dai serves as the chief scientist, established a fellowship just for international students studying in Professor Dai’s research group.

Candidates should have a strong background in chemistry, materials science, biomedical engineering, life sciences, medicine, or a related field. We encourage applicants who have not yet graduated to contact us in advance and carry out graduation design or scientific research internships in the group before graduation. Outstanding applicants can receive direct recommendation from Professor Dai to support his or her application to Tsinghua University.

How to Apply

Undergraduates or master’s students are welcome to send their resumes and cover letters to: Xiaochuan Dai (xcdai at Please indicate in the subject of the email: “Name – School – Graduate Program Application”.